Graphics card recomendation please

I have an Alienware Area-51 that I bought in 2008. All I want is something that can support 3 displays with HD, and is better then what I have right now. My budget is $300.

My specs are:
2 overclocked geforce 9600gt video cards.
e8500 3.16gz
nforce 7901 ultra sli integreated sound card
nforce 7901 ultra sli integrated motherboard
1kw oem atx psu

Whats a good graphics card that would work well with my system? I was hoping I could get some pro advice from customer service at Alienware, but their customer service isn't the same as it was when I bought the machine :fou:

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. what is your gaming resolution? for than kind of budget you're in the range of GTX560Ti or HD6950 but if you want to get a single card that able to drive 3 monitor at once it leaves you no choice. only the red camp able to do that now. btw why did they build your system with 1k PSU with only 2 9600GT GPU in it?
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