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Hello. I am having a problem with a custom built pc that I put together about a half a year ago. The computer runs fine from a particular location (in this case my parent’s house), but will not boot up from my apartment. It powers up but then shuts off after a few seconds.

My general specs: ASrock 770 Extreme3, PhenomII 955, Antec EarthWatts650, EVGA gtx460

A bit more info: I put this together last January and it ran fine in my apartment until the end of May when it simply quit posting. I took everything apart, put it back together but it still wouldn’t post. After bringing to a different (my parents house) it booted up with no problems. This is the situation that I am still in right now: the computer won’t boot in my apartment but boots up fine at my parent’s house.

I am guessing that the problem is something to do with the power in my apartment – but I don’t know much about electrical problems. Anyone have any ideas? It seems strange that it would work for 5 months in my apartment and then just stop (while continuing to boot up in a different location?) Would a voltage regulator be of any help?

I appreciate any helpful advice I can get.
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  1. I have to admit that I'm not an expert, but it really sounds like a electrical problem with your apartment...
  2. This Antec PSU should have a voltage regulator of itself, so adding another one probably will not help much. And I am affraid an UPS will not help too. There is not a substitution yet for the powergrid. Check your powegrid or call an electrician to do this.
  3. I had a similar issue and belive it or not it was the cheap surge protector. I pluged the pc into a new $5 surge protector and the hanging at bootup went away. To this day I cant figure it out because when I took that surge protector apart it was simply 6 outlets wired to a swtich and then to the plug. How could that cause the issue?
    Try plugging directly to the outlet as a test.
  4. thanks for the quick replies.

    I've tried plugging it into the wall directly (as well as using different surge protectors). I might try getting a voltage regulator and see if that helps. Even if a psu has an internal voltage regulator (which I guess everything does), do you think it will work if the fluctuations are above a certain size?

  5. If the voltage fluctuations were large enough to affect the computer, you would probably notice.

    Try to find a lightly loaded electrical circuit in a different room and plug the computer in there.

    Worst comes to worst, you may need to have an electrician come out and inspect your wiring.

    A UPS might help.
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