Will ati 6870 fit on gigabyte 880gm

Hello,i just want to ask cuz im planning on replacing my 6850 to 6870 vcard. im using gigabyte 880gm-usb3 mobo..will 6870 fit?i think my sata ports will be covered but i just want to make sure.
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  1. yes it will fit on the board

  2. but my sata ports are in the way..ill post some screens.
  3. dont those blue sata cables have an L shape connector on the other end?....what card is that in there now is it a 5770? If the cables dont have the L shape on the other end then get some new cables too...and it will be tight but it will fit just fine
  4. thats 6850 ati..hmm yeah the L cables will do but if all the ports will be covered thats the hard part..
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    Get yourself some Ultra Low Profile Latching Right/Left Angle SATA Cables.
  6. why do you unplug those cables often? if not it does not matter if they have a card runnin right over them
  7. hmm thanks for the replies..ill try that option..thanks!
  8. check back when its workin!!
  9. yes i will..:D this wouldnt happen if my 6850 did not end up artifacting..i dont know why it happened i dont even OC..and my temps are just 40-50 idle and 70 at load.
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  11. This still bothers still confused if ill get 6870 for my afraid it wont fit..
  12. A Radeon HD 6870 is 2.54 cm (1 inch) longer than a Radeon HD 6850.
  13. It fits :D i just used the NZXT sata cables and works like magic..:D
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