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Palit GTX 560 ti 2GB problems

Intel® Core™ i7 960 Processor (4x 3.20GHz/8MB L3 Cache)
6 GB [2 GB X3] DDR3-1600 - Corsair
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R w/ 4x PCI-E 2.0 x16
750 Watt -- Thermaltake TR2 TRX-750M
Running Windows7 64 bit.
None of my components are overclocked

Problem: One week after receiving my system I started having random video freezes while playing World of Warcraft. The video would simply lock up, the game, sound and PC continuing to run as normal. If i Cntrl-Alt-Del back to windows i could then tab back to WoW and the video would start again. This continued for several days and has now escalated to where I have the freezes still but also have encountered, artifacting, parts of the image flashing in and out and WoW itself has crashed. I have also seen the error message "The NVIDIA Graphics driver has stoped responding and been recovered". If I lower the graphics settings in wow to the lowest possible settings these issues go away.

I would have put this down to a fried video card, but I also play Starcraft 2. As a test of the card today I played for over an hour on the ultimate graphics settings and it never skipped a beat.

What have I done:
I have tried the latest drivers (through both and using the microsoft update tool).
I have tried reinstalling wow
I installed MSI afterburner and have been monitoring the temps and GPU usage (steady temp between 60 and 70 degrees, if i max the graphics settings out the GPU usage is 100%, but with medium settings (where i still get the errors and a whopping 205 fps) the GPU usage is approximatly 60%)
I have run ATITOOL for 30 mins with no artifacting (i know its for ati and i have an Nvidia but i wasnt sure what program to use)
I have run a program called 'Videocardstabilitytest' for 20 mins with no errors

Are there any other tests I can do, steps I can take or should my next step be to return the card (under warranty)
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  1. Where is mouse now? RMA your card or at least get a full refund and purchase something else. This card has no power vrm and vram cooling so it is no surprise that you got a brick.
  2. I'm right here mate, and one bad card doesn't mean they are all going to fail does it? If it did then no companies would exist anymore would they?

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    RMA it. If you are intent on trying everything before RMA, then try Furmark for about 40 min. Max all the settings and watch the temps, artifacts, ect. If it crashes RMA it, if it artifacts and you dont have it overclocked, RMA it. If there is nothing wrong with test, then try re-installing Wow (A royal pain I know, been there, done that), and/or install a older driver. I find that newer drivers have issues that others don't. Most likely though it sounds like a bad card...

    I agree with mouse, every company will have issues with products here and there. If any time a company had issues with a product no one bought from them again, there would be no companies.
  4. Update:

    I ran Furmark for 40 mins and was getting approx 40 FPS, with temps stable at 83 degrees. (the fan never actually hit 100%, it was cycling up to 75% as the temp went above 80 degrees then back down again when it droped below 80 degrees). No error message's, I also ran a bench mark but wasnt sure what to compare it against.

    I have reinstalled WoW twice, as well as run a "repair" function on the install.

    It still crashes WoW if I run it in DirectX11 mode, screen freezes and artifacts in both DirectX9 and 11 modes. I have noticed that if i dial the graphics back in WoW so that the CPU is only working at approximatly 50% then the game is stable. The odd thing is im getting ~175 FPS, but as i move around the game world the video is jerky, it 'feels' like im only getting 30-40 fps.

    I also tried it in a different card slot on the MB just to see if that helped and nope did nothing. The system still hasnt crashed once, nor has the video locked up completly. The problem is still 100% consigned to WoW.

    Either way I have RMA'ed it and should have a replacement card on Monday. I will continue posting back updates for FYI.
  5. Replacment Card arrived yesterday. PC ran flawlessly for 5 hours of testing last night.

    FYI Over the weekend I downloaded Black OPs (free weekend yay!) and had similar issues, and eventually got funny red dots all over the screen.

    The card never did crash, nor did the system.

    Either way the replacment card has resolved the issue and I consider this matter closed as a defective card. Thankyou to those who posted advice.
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