Hyper-threading - How can I check if it is enabled or disabled?

Hey guys, how can I check (without going to Bios) if hyper-threading is enabled on my Core i7-2600? Thanks.
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  1. My windows 7 install for an i3 showed the ht as extra cores (4 instead of 2 in the device manager).
  2. Windows Task Manager is another alternative. I have a quad-core processor and I'm seeing things as if I had 8 cores. The "system idle time" counts 8 times as fast instead of 4 (for CPU time).
  3. anyone else?
  4. Around the block way;
    Control Panel -> Adimnistrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Device Manager -> +Processors.
    darkpichu said:
    anyone else?

    Why are the above two answers unacceptable?
  5. because they didn't give step to step instructions like you did, thanks
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