4870x2 vs HD 6950 2 GB Question

Could someone provide me a link or their opinion if I will be upgrading or downgrading if I move from the 4870x2 to the 6950.
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  1. If you go with 6950 it will be a performance increase see link:-

    Also you'll get full DX11 and less heat and considerably less power.
  2. 4870X2 performs pretty much the same as 5870 which is slower than 6950 but not much so you'll get a slightly faster card which runs cooler,quieter and has less power consumption along with DX11
  3. not a much of a difference in performance i guess
  4. In addition to all the pluses Maz reported, don't forget you also lose the hassles of CF. If you play a game that doesn't support CF or it scales poorly, you'll see huge gains with the 6950.
  5. Definitely^ I forgot about that.
    Especially with the poor drivers AMD offers for cards like 4870X2,5970,in some games you get a better performance with CF disabled;as a result;you get a much better performance with 6950
  6. Not sure thats the drivers fault. When GTA4 came out, both AMD and Nvidia both had that issue. AMD actually went into their drivers and disabled CF when it detected GTA4 running. Yes the scaling is often not as good as Nvidia's, but life is better if you don't have to worry about it.
  7. I'm not sure either but as I've read in the forums,dual cards like 5970(including mine) have problems such as high 2D clocks in idle mode also there is no way to disable CF with drivers higher than 10.10 which is bad because some games still perform better with CF disabled.
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