Asus Express Gate issue

Hey, I know express gate isnt the best thing since butter on toast, but I'd like to have it because when im overclocking, if i need to research something itd be great to quickly boot into express gate and google somethign on the fly. However, I am having some nasty problems with it.

My motherboard is an Asus P5Q SE, and on the asus website, it even states that the P5Q SE sports the Express Gate. Also, my bios is up to date ( i believe).

When I tried to boot into express gate, it simply showed up on screen saying "Express Gate failed to boot", followed by it telling me to download the latest version from the website. Ive tried both the newest and oldest versions available with the same luck. I don't want to keep downloading these things, though.

D: What do I doooo? D:
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