460s SLI and is 3D worth an extra $250?

is 3D worth the cash it takes to invest in it? in need of a new monitor and thinking about getting another 460, i could spend an extra $100-$150 and get a 3D capable monitor, and spend another $100 to get nvidia 3D vision glasses [just came out with a wired version that costs $100].
corrent config:

gigabyte z68 SLI compatible
8gigs ram
msi cyclone 460
850w PSU
old beat up 1440x900 screen from 2007

before getting a monitor im thinking about getting another 460 for SLI, if i sold my current 460 id be able to buy another more expensive GPU, but SLIed 460s have quite the performance and itll only take $180 to get another so i think ill head in that direction. plus SLI 460s are almost as good as a single 580, almost, but the 460s had just a little bit of performance decrease when it comes to AA, the benchmarks for this were actually for a 2560x1600 monitor so 1980x1080 should be a piece of cake even on the most demanding games. price for performance its pretty much as good as it gets right now, especially since i already have one.

for a 3D monitor itll set me back $350, for 3D glasses another $100.

im thinking SLI first, then monitor, then 3D.

i have $350 right now, but ill have the rest of the dough in around 2 months or less. wish i had enough to set up 3D surround, that would be kick-ass but not all of us are that rich DX

any thoughts or suggestions. when it comes down to it, this whole post is whether or not 3D is worth the cash to buy a more expensive monitor and 3D glasses which would cost about $250 more
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  1. If it's worth it or not is entirely up to you. I don't think it is but that's me. If you really like the experience of 3D then it might be worth it to you.
  2. I think you will need more firepower for 3D than a pair of GTX460's have.
  3. I tried the 3d vision thing. The effect was nice but not as mindblowing as some reviews claim it to be. Also it really dims things down, no matter how much you crank up the brightness. When it started giving me headaches (literally) is when i returned it. I can see how some people might like it.

    Its not the sort of decision you can make based on researching reviews, you really have to try it out yourself to see if it is worth it. Some love it some hate it.
  4. wish i could try it out first. how similar/different is it to watching movies in 3D, thats the closest i can get to testing it out in the local best buy. i also read that whether or not you go 3D, a 120Hz panel is quite the improvement over 60Hz monitors.

    i read something about nvidia 3D discover glasses which uses anaglyph [red/cyan] glasses for $10 [comes in a pack of 10] and i dont need to invest butt loads of money to give it a try and i dont have to get a new display to try them out. ill give those a try and if i like them then ill invest money for active shutter glasses, heard they were a tad bit of an eye strain.
  5. Havent really seen very many 3d movies, but I think this is better, at least when it works properly. 120 Hz by itself is a bit smoother yeah, but I would not say it is a major selling point. Some would disagree, it depends on your sensitivity to this sort of thing I guess.

    If you want to go for it but have doubts, you could buy your stuff from a local store with a hassle free return policy, so you could return it in case you are not satisfied
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