gaming pc 1000 to 1200

Hi, I have about 1000 to 1200 to spend on my new gaming pc.
I have a Cooler Master 690ii so everything has too fit.
What would y'all suggest for a good build its strictly for gaming.ALso this is my first build

Purchase date- over the next 2 weeks 11/2/2011=today

Budget-1000 to 1200

System usage-gaming only

Parts not required- keyboard, mouse,monitor,speakers,computer case


Parts-Intel all the way gpu i want GF gt560


Sli-yes in the future

Country- U.S.

I have a Cooler Master 690ii so EVERYTHING has
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  1. You will get more valid responses by starting with this.
  2. If you're into gaming, then you'll want to focus more on the GPU than the processor. However, if you intend on recording your game play for posting on YouTube or something, you'll want to get a decent processor as well. Beyond that, you'll need a fairly decent power supply (typically at least 600 watts, though I'd recommend 750 due to efficiency), and a compatible motherboard. If you intend on using SLI or CrossFire, you'll need a motherboard with plenty of space and support for this and an even bigger power supply (750 watts minimum, potentially even 1000 recommended). Going gold (instead of bronze) with the power supply will help significantly. You'll end up paying more for the power supply in the end, but it won't be long before it otherwise pays for itself with the power saved.

    If this is your first build, you'll need to know how to handle computer hardware - it's static sensitive so you'll need to discharge your body's static buildup before you begin handling it. For best results, disconnect power (if applicable), and touch the metal parts of the case constantly to keep grounded. Avoid working in a carpeted room whenever possible. Also, use manual screw drivers and only nonmagnetic varieties.
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