Amd or nvidia for media center + gaming quiet pc

I am probably asking an age old question but I haven't found a satisfactory answer yet.

I am planning to build a PC which will serve two equally important functions.

It will be attached to my 50" plasma and serve as a media center.
And for that purpose it has to be as quiet as possible.

I will also use it to play videogames, and for that use case I don't care how much noise it produces, provided it's quiet when I watch movies.

I am under the impression that AMD cards produce more fps per watt.. and that they are generally less energy demanding.

What does the community think of that? Is it still generally true?

If not what kind of card do you suggest for the purpose described?
I can spend up to $400 for the card alone.

Any other suggestions / links to build a super quiet PC (non liquid cooled) are most welcome.

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  1. What kind of video games at how high settings?

    Is this media centre PC going to be a standard micro-ATX or mini-ITX based build or a low profile style build (looks like a TV Amp receiver).
  2. At what resolution you would be playing games??
  3. hi, I would like to play games in full hd - 1920x1080, perfect for a plasma tv.
    The type of games I like tend to be FPS such as COD.

    I am not too bothered about the size of the PC case.
    I am quite happy with a standard form factor - I can't quote form factor names though as I don't know a lot about them.
  4. I personally advise a shoebox Mini-ITX form factor. You get the tinyness needed for a media PC, with the ability to house a full graphics card for gaming.

    I personally recommend the GTX 560Ti, great gaming performance and really good performance per watt.
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