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I am trying to figure out where i'm bottle necking considering most new games have a choppiness at essentially any graphics setting. I have a Twin frozr 560 TI graphics card and 8 gb of 1600 DDR3; so I think its prima facie that my processor is the weak link; its a phenom II 555. I got it under the hope that I'd be able to unlock it. Is this what is causing my fps to go down? If so, what processor should I consider getting, a Phenom II 1055T?

* I have the 555 overclocked at 4.0 GHZ
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  1. 64bit windows?
    do some bench marking on the components compare them to the ones on toms and see if you can narrow down the problem.
    could be something really simple as an old slow HDD...
  2. 64 bit windows 7. My specs: (With an additional 2gb stick)

    I play at maximum resolution, but switching the resolution doesn't seem to affect anything. As I deduced from reading articles this makes it likely that the CPU is indeed the bottleneck? I vaguely understood something about the processor not having enough speed to handle the graphic card's process callups and physics at the same time?

    955 is definitely preferable if it will serve me just as well, hurt the wallet less, thanks for the advice!
    My main issue currently is with BF3. It doesn't make it unplayable, its definitely an annoyance though /:
  3. sorry by max i meant 1920 x 1080.,3063-3.html; that said about the same thing, but somehow I feel i'm not getting 50 Fps; there's no chance it's the processor hickuping? If i turn down the graphics settings it doesn't help.
  4. Does anyone have an answer to this? Changing graphical settings does not seem to affect FPS; if anything it becomes slightly choppier... Should I just upgrade?
  5. What kinda geek can't answer this simple of a question... I'm concerned
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