Are these parts compatible each other?

Hi well i went on newegg and i came up with this system to buy and build myself but i wanted to know if all the parts were compatible with each other and if i did build it would i run any games with the graphic card it has hd radeon 6870 plz and thank you

here are the parts

those are all the main parts the others are just the usual the OS nd monitor nd keyboard nd mouse plz tell me if this build is possible thank you again
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  1. My two recommendations would be to buy a better PSU and get RAM with heat spreaders.
  2. yes everythang is compatible but i would suggest that you buy the AM3+ mobos and the better psu.
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  4. You are bottle necking your GPU with buying an AMD athlon x3.. Go for the Phenom x4 or intel i3-2100... or heck i5-2500k!

    I agree, Get a am3+ board so you can possibly buy the new bulldozer cpu's....

    Your motherboard is micro atx so your graphics card might stick out a bit...

    You Case is good,

    Get a better PSU... May i recommend:

    it's 80+ and single rail.... Much better then the rosewill one.... And xfx psu's are made by seasonic and seasonic is the top 3 psu makers!

    good luck with your build...!
  5. to answer your question: Yes all parts of compatible but upgrading your PSU will REALLY HELP A LOT. And maybe downgrading your gpu if you don't want to upgrade your cpu....
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