Need SLI help with GTX460 and GTX460SE

Hi all, I have a MSI P67A-GD65 motherboard capable of SLI. I have a EVGA GTX460 and a EVGA GTX460SE in both PCIE slots with the SLI bridge installed. Win7Pro and Nvidia control panel see both cards but no SLI config is available in the nvidia control panel. Are these EVGA cards so different that SLI won't work with them?

MSI P67A-GD65 main board
Hyper X 1600 DDR3 8 gig
750 watt power
64 gig SSD boot drive
1.5 Tb storage drive

Thanks Mike
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  1. You could sli them but normally you can't as it requires one to be able to flash the se card to be recognized as a normal gtx 460 so that sli could be enabled through the driver. Nvidia gpus since the gefore 7 era could be asymmetric in their shader configuration so long that both cards are of the same core. You have to edit the device id as well other tags in the bois so that the drive thinks that it is a different card but must be very close to the same version or it will likely not work. Use the original bios then mod so that the timings and clocks remain as they are. If it works the card will show as a normal gtx 460 1gb but with only 288 shaders vs 332 of a normal card. Sli then can be enabled but performance will be sub par compared to two normal gtx 460 in sli. It will be much like the gtx 260 192 core in sli with the 216 version. Clocks are not to be of a concern as clocks are not synchronized unlike crossfire. In crossfire clocks are synchronized but unlike sli you can mix cards so long that they have the same core like a 5830 in crossfire with a 5850.
  2. I have similar issue. Can you please direct me to some utilities for backup/edit/flash vga bioses?

    I am using GB GTX460 and PALIT GTX460 SE
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