CPU+Motherboard Up To 350$


I'm Going To build A Gaming PC, So I Know About Best Intelligent Community In The World Is T's H. So I'm Asking You A Help Brooos,

I Just Bought # Antec 600 Se.
# Hyper 212 EVO.

Now I Need To Buy A Good CPU And A Good Motherboard,There Are Lot More CPU s In The Market And I Wanna Chose the Better One. I Need To O.C, And full Gaming Performance, And Durable, And Budget. I Don't know To Chose Which Under CPU Category.

Phenom II X 6
Bulldozer Fx 6100
Bulldozer Fx 6120
Core I 5 2500K

And Friends I Wanna Ask you A Simple question. There Is A Motherboard Which Is Cheaper Than Other It Named As BIOSTAR TA990FXE. Will It Be A good one For Me?? Plz Friends help me To Solve This.....

My Full Budget for Motherboard+CPU Is 350$

I Know you All know More Than Me, So Suggest Me A Good Things Which you Know.
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  1. Oh Friends Forgot To Say That, I Need A Crossfire Support Motherboard :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :pt1cable:
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