Is it worth the upgrade?

Hi guys, I own an Xfx HD5870 on a 1 year old gaming pc.

I recently found a shop selling the Asus Ares for only £400 (500euro and i guess around $600).

I want thinking actually to buy a 2nd xfx 5870 but seeing this jewel at this price i am really temped to spend the extra money for it, while also selling my current card. All my system is perfectly up to supporting this card without bottleneck and i have the PSU for it.

So what are your thoughts?
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  1. That is a beast of a card.The only problem it has is the 3d issue..but if you are not using any 3d monitors than you are in the clear.You can do alot with that card as it has alot of headroom...Eyefinity runs well with that card also because of the 4gb.The price is decent.My only complaint other than the 3d issue is there is newer technology coming out and the current line-up is awesome.The 6970 items scale well...the Nvidia GTX 560 Ti cards scale well in SLI also.You could get 2 of these for slightly less price .. 2 of these and be able to run Nvidia 3-way surround.... the end it up to you and how 'future proof' you want your build.
  2. An Ares is simply two 5870s in Crossfire on the same PCB so basically getting a second 5870 and running it in Crossfire will give you the same performance as a single Ares card. The main point of the Ares is to have two of them so that it's like having 4 5870s in Crossfire as the regular 5970 basically consists of down clocked 5870s. If you're only going to be using two GPUs then just get a 5870 to crossfire with your current card.
  3. If you're looking at getting two Ares cards, you may want to consider getting a 6990 instead.
  4. "I recently found a shop selling the Asus Ares for only £400" thats actually not really a great deal., you already own a 5870, just get another one and you will essentially have an Ares, just with 2 separate cards. Better to get a gtx580 or something with more than 1gb ram.
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