Need advice with these options I have.

This is a new computer I'm going to build, probably this week. I've done a whole week of research of the new tech that has already come out (not waiting for the newer tech to come out) and decided this is the time I should replace my 2 1/2 year homebuilt PC I currently have.

So basically, I'm kinda limited to a few options I've chosen and also cause by lack of stock. Currently I'm not living in the U.S. so as much as I want to order parts from NewEgg I can't.

Prices that I post are subject to some rounded up $ conversion (prices are a bit higher), so at least it will help as a guide to compare between the different product models.

Thermaltake V9 (The one with docking) - $125
Thermaltake V6 - $100
Thermaltake Element G - $165
CoolerMaster HAF 922M - $175

Would rather prefer one with USB 3.0 front ports, though I could live with it. Don't really mid the extras such as the HDD/SDD docking on top of some cases.

i7 2600 - $ 315
i5 2500 - $ 215

Basically the "k" editions are out of stock...If I could I would probably aim for the upgrade. If it's not possible tell me if it's still worth it getting one ''k'' less edition and getting it overclocked to some point. If I were to own a "k" edition one I wouldn't overlock it to its possible max settings.

Gigabyte z68x UD4-B3 - $245
Gigabyte z68x UD5-B3 - $325
Gigabyte z68xp UD3-issd (20gb ssd) - $300

Would love to get the 20gb ssd MOBO, no sure if it's worth the hassle.

6850 - $180
6870 - $205
6950 - $315
6970 - $400

560 - $280
580 - $500

I could actually find different manufacturers at the same price. The thing I actually want to sort out is whether run single or dual video cards based on these ranged of products. I've found that 6800 series Crossfire work really well, I would need someone to confirm this to me. Around $300-$400 is my budget for videocards.

Corsair/Thermaltake/XFX (750 W) - $160
Thermaltake/XFX (850 W) - $185
Raidman (730) - $130

Kingston/Patriot (2x4gb 1600 bus speed) - $120

SATA3 2tb Seagate (5900 RPM) - $105
SATA3 1tb, Seagate (7200 RPM) - $75

Didn't get enough info for HDDs (No cache info, etc) but would like to know if its worth the hassle the RPM/cache difference using SATA 3 modules.

I could afford most of the combination of parts I posted here except the price limit I mentioned for Videocards.

Any other recommendations will be highly appreciated!
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  1. Buy what ever case you like most

    if this is a gaming computer then sure the 2500 is powerful enough and you will see little or no gain from the 2600

    You could just buy a P67 mb for gaming

    As for a video card . your first choice is your monitor . Theres no point buying a massively powerful gfx card to run a low resolution monitor . Use the charts section of this site and reviews you google to make a choice based on your budget, the games you will play, and the resolution you will play at

    If you are only using one gfx card then 750 watt is overkill . 650 watt is overkill even but it does give you head room

    8 gig of RAM wont improve game performance either , over 4 gig
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    Cooler Master Haf 922
    i5 (plenty of power)
    I would check out some reviews on the Gigabyte z68xp UD3-issd since that seems pretty decent especially with the ssd
    The 6870s are pretty good in crossfire. I have a GTX570 and it kicks ass.
    Definitely go for the Corsair. I have a 750W one and its is a beast.
    Hard Drive:
    I would stay away from the 5900 rpm (green) drives from Seagate as they have high failure rates. For with the 1 TB 7200 rpm one

    You probably would want an aftermarket cpu cooler and a great one that doesn't break the bank is the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ and it retails for around $30 in the US.

    Also I think you should check this link out. There is a company that can receive all of your purchases from online US websites and ship them internationally.
  3. Oh, forgot one of the most important things. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm currently using dual 1080p monitors, hence my questions about single vs dual graphic cards
  4. Should I get the Ati 6850/6870 CF or a single Ati 6970/Nvidia 560. I'll run dual monitors and I want it to be smooth enough to be running, lets say a game in one monitor and a movie in another one. (Both are 1920*1080 res. screens)

    If I get a single videocard, I will probably not going to crossfire/sli in the the future because I usually replace the series with a newer one. So basically I'm aiming for price/performance for my dual monitor setup.

    Need some more advice today, because tomorrow I'll probably be buying the parts.
  5. If you want dual monitor setup then go with the AMD 6870 CF
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