Is the clock on my motherboard set in stone

I have an oem Dell dimension 4500s which I just install 2gb of ram. I want to make it go faster. I was talking to tech at Best buy and he said because it was on oem that dell put a lock on it, and it could not change it. I am maxed out on RAM. the HDD is at 7200 rpm. I do not use it for gaming, I just run Photoshop on it. The drive is an ATA so a ssd is not an option. They tell me that a hybrid drive is out because it is a sata connector.
Other than a new pc what are my options
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  1. For once, a Best Buy "tech" actually knew what they were talking about because he's right. There's not really any way to overclock that system. There IS a program known as SetFSB that might do it, but I doubt it (because it would have to be compatible with the motherboard).

    OEM systems are locked down tight to keep you from being able to do much. That's just one of the reasons I will NEVER buy a pre-built OEM system.
  2. if you google the model of your mb you can fine out who made it and more info on it. as can you put in a newer cpu that faster.
    other that that you could put in a pci sata card and run a sata ssd and hard drive. the problem with doing that is how your mb bios and the card bios will act..will the sata card let you boot from the ssd.
    with the new ib i3 and the nvidia 650 out in sept. if you can wait for them both to come out you could have a nice low end photo shop pc. toss in a 80.00 120g ssd and a 1g sata hard drive as a data drive and a good case and you could have a pc that would last for a few years. you could take to a cpa and see if you could get a tax credit for donating your old pc to the local libary or a school or boy scouts or the y.
  3. Thanks for the input I had a sneaky suspicion that would be the case...but I thank for all of the information
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