Save Your Valuable Time-Unlimited Rendering Service:Fox Render Farm

Dear All,

Fox Render Farm is a self-service render farm based on cloud-computing technology. We support rendering scenes in 3dsMax and Maya and rendering with Mental Ray, Vray, Final Render and many other engines.

Fox Render Farm Facts:
a) Over 500 servers, each 16 cores and 24GB RAM
b) 24/7 online rendering service provided
c) 24/7 technical support
d) $0.05/Ghz
e) Web-based control panel and real time preview
f) Without any queuing
g) The weekly unlimited rendering quotation is from $500 USD

We provide an easy and affordable high speed rendering service designed for digital artists and illustration companies.

Should you require further and more detailed information please email us or call us and we will be happy to help.

Fox Render Farm
Tel.: +86 755 2163 8680
Fax: +86 755 3366 2875
Skype: foxrenderfarm
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  1. What is up with the advertising????
  2. Sorry but advertising is against the TOS.
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