Computer will not boot up. Turns off a second after powering

I recently recieved my new parts for my build which is
Mobo: Asus M5A97
CPU: AMD 965 Black Edition
PSU: 600W MK 3 Silencer
The pc turns on for a second then turns off. The lights on the mobo still turn on but I think it still might be messed up.
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  1. Try booting with just one stick of RAM at a time to see if one of them is bad. This would be the easiest test and the cheapest to fix.
  2. After the RAM, a potential suspect is the power supply. Assuming the wiring is correct and you haven't accidentally shorted something the next steps are to make sure everything but the essentials are disconnected and retry. After that you start to worry about a bad mobo.

    However, troubleshooting hardware is largely a process of testing each part until all but one are ruled out.
  3. I tried testing the ram but to no avail it still does not boot. It will sometimes boot once then if unplugged it will return to not booting at all. I was just wondering before I get a replacement if it was the motherboard which was messed up.
  4. I tried it with a 750w PSU and the motherboard does not boot at this point I think something was shorted.
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