Looking for a mid-tower to support in case rads

Looking to build, more of just brainstorming at this point, a mid tower water cooling set up, but external radiators just aren't visually appealing. Prolly looking towards a 120mm and a 2x120mm rad setup(as that is the only conceivable option i see for the form factor while providing enough cooling for both a cpu block and gpu block(maybe 2)). Radiator positioning would most likely be a single on the back and a dual on top, though any which could meet similar radiator requirements would do just fine. Reservoirs and pump placement should not matter that much as I plan to get a(or 2 if required) pump/reservoir combo which would fit in a 5.25" bay.

So does anyone know of a product that would fit that description?
Or really, does anyone know of a mid tower case that would work well with in case radiators in general?
I was looking at a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112239, but I thought a dual rad setup might drop down to far on motherboard components or contact the back fan and radiator.
Any luck creating mid-tower in case radiator systems?
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  1. Cooler master haf series? A haf 912 would be good for you.
  2. I have that case, it would work for a 2 120 rad up top, possibly 140 because the fans up top are 140mm, but they'd have to be thin for safety's sake. But as for the idea of 2 GPUs on it you won't be able to support 2 gpus and a cpu on 3.120mm total rad.
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