High CPU usage in battlefield 3 for 2500k?

I've been playing a lot of battlefield 3 and recently I decided to check task manager to see my CPU usage and it read that my cpu was staying around 75-80%, sometimes getting to 85%. I've read that this game runs at around 50% usage on a 2600k and I know that a 2500k is not much different. This seems really high to me and I was curious if anybody has any experience with the 2500k while playing this game. my cpu is overclocked to 4.2 ghz and everything seems to be working fine according to cpu-z. I'm just curious if this is normal. I play on all ultra settings at 1080p, and turning it to high doesn't make much of a difference.
any help or advice is very much appreciated!

system specs:
intel i5 2500k oc to 4.2 ghz
noctua d14 cpu cooler
haf x case
gigabyte 570 video card
8gb of kingston hyperx ram at 1600
gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3 motherboard
coolermaster silent pro gold 800w psu
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  1. 2600k has 8 threads and 2500k has 4 threads, that maybe your answer :D it seems like a good cpu usage.
  2. that would explain it lol. i was told the 2600k was basically a 2500k with hyperthreading (no idea what this is). seems i was misinformed
  3. i7-2600k 4c/8t i5-2500k 4c/4t well good luck :D
  4. Don't worry about it, it's normal.
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    As long as you aren't constantly at 99% you are fine. Also, CPU usage numbers are all over the place with BF3 benchmarks. It ranges from single player, where the CPU isn't doing much, to multi player where it can jump to 50, 70, or 85 at any time.
  6. alright thanks for the reply's!
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