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I am having problems with my PC and I want to do a full restore. The problem is that I do not know if it is going to restore my upgraded W7 or is it going to revert back to the os (xp home edition). My w7 disk has been destroyed by a curious baby and I no longer have the disk.

So will I reboot to xp or W7?
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  1. if you use the built in recovery on a laptop or recovery disk that came with the system it will be whatever was on the system originally. Unless you still have the Product Key that came with windows 7 you will need to pony up and pay for a new copy. If not you should be able to get a copy of the disc somewhere and use your code.
  2. Do you remember if you ever created a backup of your windows 7 installation? If you did, then you would be able to create a repair disc from the OS and use that to do the restore of windows 7.

    Haha how in the world did your baby destroy the disc? :wahoo:
  3. Do you still have the w7 package with your activation code? If not, there are free programs that will list your windows activation code, assuming you can still run your current pc. Print that out, so you can use it to reactivate your restored copy of windows 7.

    You will restore whatever you backed up.

    Or, do you mean to use a w7 dvd to repair the os?

    If you can borrow a copy of w7, you can use that to reinstall w7, and activate it using your own activation code.
    I imagine there are places that you can download and burn a copy of your dvd. If your dvd was an upgrade or retail copy, you get ms support, and they can help you with this.
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