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I'm planning on building my own gaming computer. Planning on using i5-2500k as my processor but I have no idea what motherboard to go with it. Please help.
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  1. Your looking for a motherboard with SOCKET 1155.

    There a 3 motherboard versions with this socket that will work:


    They all offer slightly different features with the Z68 being the best of the bunch (a P67 and H67 combined)

    Most gaming builds will opt for the Z68 or P67.

    I recommend looking to these brands:

    Here's a TOMS HARDWARE link comparing some of the Z68 Boards:,review-32228.html
  2. Out of personal experience, I would choose ASUS. Their mobos may cost a little more, but they are solid and are often worth the extra $$$. I had a bad experience with Gigabyte, so I'm kinda wary of doing business with them.

    Z68 is definitely the version you want...
  3. there is one other socket: H61, which has the fewest features (no crossfire/sli, no overclock, no SATA 3 oe USB 3 by default (though there are models with that) intended as a bargain basement board.
  4. Thanks guys!! I've gotten the Z68 but I could find the Asus mobo here in Malaysia and even the P68 versions were too expensive for me so I went with gigabyte z68 x-ud3p-b3.

    Built my comp already and it's working great. Thanks guys!!
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