[Memory] Do I need more memory in this PC?

I work as a developer, mainly Java. I use Eclipse as my main IDE. Everyone know how IDE memory hog eats up our computer but I'm not sure if this is the case of lack of processors or memory.

So, this computer (workplace PC) is an HP Pro 3130 Microtower PC, using Intel Core i3 540 and 2GB memory, built in Intel HD I guess, and 500 GB storage. Judging from that spec I think it's a OK one, I've i3 2100 in my home which in my opinion doesn't differ too much from 540(?) but I have bigger memory in my home PC (8 GB). I compare this to my notebook which using i5 procie and 4 GB memory and using any IDE in notebook and home PC don't give me problem at all.

Using IDE itself and any browser will make memory consumption into 1.3 - 1.4 GB out of 2 GB in this workplace PC. Not to count any other small application that I need to open like SVN or github etc etc.

next thing to know is the 2 GB eat 2 slots (it's 2x1 GB) and this PC using Windows 7 32 bit. Is it fine to use 2GB + 1 GB?Is this the lack of processor speed or maybe I just need more memory then?

Yeah it's an office PC but I don't really like using a 'slow' PC :D

any opinion appreciated
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  1. You need to download more RAM!
    Seriously now you need more RAM. Anything less than 4GB is kind of useless nowadays.
    You could use 2GB+1GB but it won't run on dual channel
  2. My suggestion is remove a single 1GB stick and install a 4GB ram. and Win7 X64 too to make use of the 5GB memory.
  3. to stay in dual channel mode get two sticks of 2gb DDR3 SDRAM PC3-10600 depending on if you are using windows 64 bit.
  4. Thanks I will do 1 + 2 GB. Getting new OS(7 x64) is too much for me since this PC is not mine:D
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