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I'm a bit ignorant about routers. My ISP here in Spain have installed a cisco 2320 router which works OK but we have quite frequent internet connection drops ( especially when I'm downloading with any torrent client ).
We've recently aquired a trendnet TEW-432BRP router ( as a gift ) and I'm wondering if it would be worth putting it in instead of the cisco.
Any thoughts very gratefully recieved.
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  1. are you connecting wirelessly or via network cable to the router?
  2. Three computers are connected wirelessly and one via ethernet cable. All computers suffer from connection drops from time to time.
  3. does it happen when ONLY the one via ethernet cable is connected?

    problem is that the cisco 2320 has a cable modem build in; therefore, if the wired connection has a problem it would not help to connect the Trendnet TEW-432BRP
  4. It happens to all the PCs and it doesnt make any difference whether there are other pcs connected or not. So none of the PCs are affecting the other ones.
  5. then I would suggest you talk to you ISP about the problem and have them test their line and their Cisco equipment.
  6. Hehehe. THanks. I've done that. Several engineers have been here. They say the line is fine and they replaced the splitter and the router but the problem persists. They charged to replace the router. I live in Spain.
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