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I am new here, but have often frequented this website for its reviewing and excellent benchmarking. Anyway, about two and a half years ago I built a new computer with an AMD Phenom II 955 BE and a GTX 275, it has been a great PC and were it not for Skyrim and my desire to try my hand at liquid cooling and Crossfire in the near future I would not be upgrading, but as it happens, I am.

My satisfaction with AMD has led me to pursue yet another AMD CPU, and though I am dispointed in Bulldozer as many are, I had actually planned on buying an 1100T because I hadn't kept up with Bulldozer and it's anticipated release.

My question is this: am I missing out on some features of the new chipset by not buying a bulldozer processor? CPU seems like a somewhat negligable component compared to GPU so I don't mind buying a 8120 if I have to.

Also, am I wasting money upgrading? Piledriver and AMD 7000 series coming in like 6 months and I can make it if I need to.

"futureproof" build plan:

Corsair HX 1050w (remember, plan on Crossfire)
Corsair Vengence 16 GB
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Gigabyte HD 6970

My tentative plans are to buy the 1100T and add a second 6970 for gaming in a few months. I know no one here can tell the future, but I would like that setup to last 3 years. Doable?
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  1. Honestly if you go for a 1100T you might not even need Piledriver. We have nothing on it yet performance wise, and wont until its release which is not even set in stone yet.

    If we trust what we know, AMD is claiming 10-15% over BD which means it will be better. If those numbers are true.

    I like the PSU and RAM but your current setup is pretty decent and I doubt Skyrim will kill it.

    I just don't want to see you prep for PD like people did for BD and it turn out to be not what you hope for.

    As for the HD7K series, I am waiting for the HD7970. The HD79X0s will be a upgrade, the rest will be shrinks of current gen. I heard the HD7800 and lowers will be pushed Q4 2011 and the rest will hit next year but no 100% as usual.
  2. I do this every time I upgrade, second guess myself and do all that. Another reason I am upgrading is my parents computer is having mobo issues, no ethernet, RAM slot died (no more dual channel), sound died, it is 5 years old though, so *shrug*. What I plan on doing is upgrading and giving them this computer which will be more than enough for their needs, my problem is not knowing the future LOL

    Can you crossfire separate GPUs? Like a 7970 and a 6970? I had heard AMD allows that, but I don't know much about it.
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    You can't anymore. AMD used to do it, well AI rather, when they used a external dongle to Crossfire the GPUs. Now that its internal, it needs to be the same GPU.

    The only way you can Crossfire different ones is hybrid CFX which will crossfire a GPU with the IGP of a motherboard.

    You can also Crossfire a HD6990 with a HD6970 for Tri-Crossfire because they are the same chips, the HD6990 uses two HD6970 GPUs. But I don't think you will be able to do HD7970 with HD6970 as it will be differnt GPUs.

    And don't second guess. I just think its better to know before jumping into something. If you plan to do a upgrade, I would set a budget and look at all options out there, Intel, AMD and nVidia, so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

    We know LGA1155 mobos will support Ivy Bridge, we don't know if Ivy Bridge will be good. We know AM3+ will support PD, just don't know if it will be worth the cost.
  4. Hmm, seems a little complicated for me! I appreciate your replies and I think you are right, building on a budget is the way to go. I will most likely stick with my original plan and buy components on or around Black Friday. I have been examining prices from multiple sources and I know what is competitive.

    NewEgg actually had the 1100T 15 dollars off the last few days, making it even better for bang for your buck, hoping they discount it again when I am ready to build, already a deal at 190, would be nice to see it at 175 again.
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