NVIDIA getForce 9300M GS - multiple disply option

Hi , I have Lenovo Y430 laptop with NVIDIA getForce 9300M GS.

From my laptop when I am trying to connect to my Sony Bravia Ex400 TV with VGA cable , I am not able to see any thing. In the internet I read lots of docs but not able to fix it.
When I do Desktop --> properties --> Settings --> I can see in the 1st monitor option both the optios "use this device as primary monitor" and "Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor" are selected and greyed out. I am not able to modify any of the options.
When I check with the 2nd monitor option there , I am able to select the 2nd option . When I apply , for 5seconds I am able to see my laptop screen in the TV then configuration resets and TV becomes blnk . And the option I seleted in the 2nd monitor option is gone now. Please help me out ...
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  1. Quote:
    check you display settings and lower them, it might not be able to run a display at the current configuration..

    Changed display settings as it cn be . But there is no difference.

    Is there any way I can get it. Please help me in this.
    Is there any application or add on needs to be installed for this to get it done.

  2. Quote:
    I'll look into it.

    Waiting for a resonse... Nee help from any one .....
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