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Shoul I upgrade GTX285 x2 SLI

Awhile back I asked a similar question, now that its official that the newer AMD boards will have SLI support I should ask again. Currently my setup is 2 x 285GTX cards in SLI with watercooling.

How would a single 580 compare? They are approx $500 USD each and another $130 for the full sized waterblock, I'm looking to get my money's worth here. Currently my 2x285's run everything just fine with 1920x1080x120hz (Nvidia 3D Vision). What games are on the horizon that could possible tax my current setup and require an upgrade? I'm mostly into RPGs and rarely venture into 3D FPS (I enjoyed Battlefield 2 but hated CoD MW).
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    I would expect it to be roughly a performance wash, as a pair of 280's looked comparable in THG's charts to a pair of 460's in SLI, which rival a single GTX580 reference card....

    Until you begin to notice sub-par framerates, I'd stand pat, getting your money's worth from your twin 285's...
  2. Agree with mdd1963, the only benefit of a 580 would be DX11 support, for most everything else your SLI setup will steamroll it. Wait for a GTX 680 or something and then SLI those down the road.
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  4. If your current cards play everything just fine, why would you upgrade?
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