Is This a Good Combination?

I would just like to hear what you all think, did i get my set up right 4 a Gamer?

Im Currently Running
CPU: Intel i7 860
MainBoard: Intel H55(M-P31 MS -7637)
GPU: Geforce GT 140
and 8 Gigs of DDR3 Ram
not sure of my PSU but should it be hight than a 550watt?
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  1. GT140? Why are you getting that? Since you say the rig is for a gamer, that card wont do much in modern day gaming scene. But anyways Corsair CX430W would be enough.
  2. i didnt choose the card :( its what was given to me brand new for free so why take it? but would like some one to give me a graphics card thats isnt insanly high priced but has awesome performance. if possible lol
  3. Oh well! Dream on about the gift! :)

    GT140 is not much for gaming these days! Get a better one for sure!
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