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hey guys its basically this in my country we dont have lots of psu options and i need a min of 500w power supply here is my specs

i5 2500 non k version
intel h67 cl board
500 gb hdd
xfx 6950
4g ddr3 ram
17 inch screen

these r my options for psu wat do u guys recommend as best available

1-Thermaltake W0356RE Litepower 700W
2-Thermaltake TR-500P TR2 Bronze 500W PSU
3-Cooler Master 400W RS-400-PSAR-J3 PSU w/12CM fan Link
4-Enlight EN-TOP-630P3 630W PSU Dual Fan 2X 80CM
5-Enlight EN-TOP-530P3 530W PSU Dual Fan 80CM & 12CM

im personally leaning for the litepower but need ur feedback
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  1. any feed back guys??
  2. im in a hurry need to order online so i will appreciate any feed back
  3. Get one of the Thermaltake ones.
  4. finaly a response i thought this was an invisible thread
  5. Thermaltake TR-500P TR2 Bronze 500W PSU. thats your best choice
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