Should I hard reset my mobo?

I just got a second 560ti to sli. When I installed it my PC wouldn't turn on so I took it out. I figured out that somehow the 4 pin to my mobo had gotten knocked loose so I set it back and it turned on fine. But then it froze and I haven't been able to get it to turn boot since. The computer turns on but to the best of my knowledge all it does when I turn it on is spin the fans I never see the BIOS startup screen. I have an x58 extreme motherboard. I think I should hard reset but I'm not sure if I need to and I also am not sure that this is a hard reset issue. If I should hard reset could you please tell me how to do it please as I am not sure what I need to do. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Which "4 pin to my mobo" are you talking about, the ATX 12V CPU power connector? You should, preferably, be using an 8-pin CPU power connector.

    What code, if any, does the Debug LED display?

    There is a Clear CMOS Switch (CLRCBTN) on the right hand side of the purple PS/2 Keyboard Port on the ASRock X58 Extreme motherboard's back I/O Panel that you can use. If you've set up a password to prevent non-authorized users from changing CMOS settings you will not be able to use the Clear CMOS Switch (CLRCBTN) and will have to resort to using the Clear CMOS jumper located somewhat near the CMOS Battery.
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