Turn Linksys wrt160n into a repeater

Can you turn a linksys WRT160n into a repeater? Also, if it's connected to a network can you use it as a second wireless access point in your home?
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  1. As long it is not version2 you can upgrade the firmware.


    Once you set it up as a bridge repeater you will be able to use it as an AP, too.
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  3. I followed another set of directions not using DD-WRT but using Gargoyle which is another firmware. You can do it either way, but it depends on if you can actually follow the instructions LOL! Take a look through http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r22483979-Repeater-with-WRT160N as it talks about the same thing if you are still looking to do it. If not you can always stick with getting a new repeater as most of them double as a router and repeater... well some models do anyways. I'd recommend http://www.wifirepeaterreviews.com/exm/Linksys_Repeater/ for some of the newer linksys ones.
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