Cheapest Motherboard for i5 3450 ??

Processor: Intel 3.1 GHz FCLGA1155 Core i5 3450 Processor | Processor |

I need some suggestions on motherboard, the cheapest one to be precise..
I wont unclock or overclock even if its possible with this processor

system rig:
400w psu (no optical drive connected, no cooler/heatsink)
19inch 1366x768 LED
1600ghz RAM
9400gt (I know how baaaaaaaaackdated it is)

Sole purpose: Gaming, specially FIFA 13.

My 2nd question is: Can 9400gt + 3450processor with Intel HD 2500 run FIFA 13 smoothly? Changing the graphics card isnt possible for him anytime soon. I know 9400gt wont be of much help but selling it isnt an option for me and isnt it better to connect it with the system than throw away?

Any help/suggestion will be appreciated..
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  1. I think the cheapest would be something with a H77 chipset like this
    It is not possible to run both the 9400gt and the on chip graphics at the same time. I think the 9400gt is best in this case and should be able to run FIFA 13 smoothly at least on minimum settings
  2. wow.. this is so cheap.. perfect for me. would connect 9400gt then.
  3. sand you may want to wait as the id i3 chips should be out soon. if they do come out i would use that cpu and then use the extra money for 550ti or the new 640. the 650/660ti will be out soon so the older cards are going to drop in price. on some mb they have mvp chipset that let you take a slow video card and the onboard gpu and link them together.
  4. cheapest ivy bridge:
    ASRock B75M $64.99

    1 more sata 6Gbs and 3Gbs but no usb3 header on motherboard for the front panel. the lucid MVP is hit or miss from the various sources i have read; it does help with with the minimum frame rates, you don't dip down as low, but does not help at increasing frame rates.
    i tried the trial version myself when i saw my chipset would support it and did not see any improvement in COD MW2; the only game it worked in or didn't crash. when it comes down to it, nothing compensates for a good graphics card.
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