Computer doesn't boot/ turns on then off

I have quite the problem here. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Specs first:

Phenom II x4 965 processor
Raidmax hybrid 2 630w PSU
ASUS M4A79XTD EVO motherboard/ ASUS M5A97 EVO motherboard
2 Corsair 4GB DDR3 RAM
ATI 5570 video card/ GTX 560 TI video card
WD 1TB Caviar Black HD 7200RPM

I've had no problem until I tried to upgrade from the 5570 to the 560 on the first motherboard. When I first tried to boot the system with the 560 all that happened was all the fans and the power turned on for a split second. I had to unplug the PSU and retried again with the same results. I then put the 5570 back in. When I booted this time everything turned on and stayed on except nothing was happening. No display and no sound of the HD working except a few faint noises like it might want to work.

I had access to the other motherboard and installed that. First with the 560 which produced the same result with the other motherboard and then with the 5570 which did the same thing. I also had my PSU tested out. The guy testing it said it was fine. However, I don't know for sure how thorough he was in testing the PSU because it seemed he only test the main 24 ATX pin module and the 4 pin one.

Now I'm at wits end what could be the issue here. I also tried removing modules or RAM and booting the system with no RAM at all while the 5570 was installed. Same results as before. It could very well be my PSU but I'm not sure. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Have you connected BOTH of the 6pin PCI connectors to the graphics card?
  2. Yes I have
  3. Since you have tried 2 motherboards, with 2 different GPU's and had similar results across both, that would suggest that it's your PSU at fault.
  4. That's what I was thinking too. Odd how it could work fine one day and then the next after trying to upgrade it fails. I appreciate your help. Thank you.
  5. Quick update:

    I've changed out the PSU now. The computer actually starts and stays running with the 560 ti in it so that a bonus. However, same thing is happening as before with the old video card in that it'll start up and just stay running with nothing else happening some of the time.

    The other times, the computer can make it to the intial bios screen at which I can get to the main Windows start up screen. At the same time it'll try to do a start up repair and when asked to reboot the system restarts but just to where the fans run and such and that's it. Also once in a great while I'll see a BSOD for a split second and then it reboots back to what I just described with the fans running.

    One other thing. I installed another 4g stick of RAM because on the new motherboard a red light lights up if RAM is bad and such. The new RAM does the same thing as the old 8 gigs I had. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue I'll be greatly thankful.

    Edit: all of this is on the new motherboard. I tried everything on the old one today and I can't get any results. (i.e. computer starts but just stays on with fans running and little activity and certainly no start up sequence)
  6. GTX 560 Needs more power..go for a PSU having 500watts or more...!!
  7. This is true, the old one was at 630w and the new one is at 700w.
  8. Another update:

    I exchanged my new motherboard for the same model/brand (just to be on the safe side). The computer can boot into bios so far with no problems. However, loading windows it always fails and reboots or attempts self recovery/repair, fails, then reboots. Somehow (don't recall how) I was able to do the windows memory test and that appeared to pass no problem. I also can't boot from cd because my dvd drive is ide and the motherboard only has sata. Today I will try to get a sata dvd drive and go from there.
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