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I want to hook up my xbox to the laptop so I can use the media player. Now I've tried the wireless *new xbox* I can it all set up by using the xbox adhoc, see my shared folders and all that stuff. But media player passes all the test but the last one.

I've tried to turn on all the services (media extender, rpc, anything I could think would remotly have anything to do with it). With no luck. And I have tried using the laptops adhoc, but same problem.

So I decided to just try a straight ethernet cord, but with the ethernet cord I can only see my shared stuff. Media player won't even try to start. It says "pc test connection failed" or something of that sort. When I go into options it shows the xbox is picking up the ip address, but nothing for the dns. I've rebooted, disabled/re-abled, tried to bridge connection also tryed to turn on all the settings again, but nothing..

I've googled but the only solution I've found so far says to do stuff I can't do. gpedit.msc ..etc I guess my win 7 home don't come with those run commands, so I can't really do that way.

I got an ASUS G-series *can't remeber exactly, but it's the one with the 5870, 8gb of ram, core i7*
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  1. Connect the xbox and your laptop to your router, wireless/wired whatever. If the computer is getting an ip address from your router, and the xbox is getting an ip address from your router as well, you should be connected to the network and you should be able to setup the windows media center extender thing.

    When you are using the xbox in ad hoc, you are probably getting an apipa ip. That is an automatic private ip address which is issued by windows when there is no dhcp to communicate with. An apipa will not get you onto the internet because your router is probably set to its default setting which is 192.168.x.x

    Also, you better be gaming on that computer(and I don't mean fuggin farmville or and other shitty fuggin yahtzee facebook games) otherwise it would be a damn shame and you would by no means deserve a computer that beastly, gift or not.

    AND.....because you are talking about putting your xbox in an ad hoc with your computer it doesn't seem like you are using it with xbox live......in the off chance that you don't have live I would like to ask......what's the point of having it if you don't play online?(dialup answer is the only accepted answer) Your missing out on the best part of owning a console if you don't use it online. So go buy some xbox live before the price jumps up and meet me on Reach :)
  2. I do use my laptop as a game machine, also I'm in afghanistan so no internet other then satilite, been there done that and will never do it again.

    Mainly I was just trying to use the media center because I got some headphones that only uses spdif, and audio jacks.. And my laptop doesn't have those connections. I know I can by adapters, but I'm trying to be cheap this deployment not to mention the damn shipping times.

    The xbox will see the computer, will use the shared folders, but I can't watch my movies on it because their avi, and xbox says "need update". So I was just trying to work around it by using the media center.

    Also the only reason why I bought the xbox is mainly for system link =) gets boring out here. Hell same reason I actaully bought a gaming laptop. Didn't want to bring my desktop out here to dusty.

    Although it's just come to the point were I'm just gonna by me a 3.5mm to audio jack adapter.
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