Which drivers do i needa again ?

So before even starting to assemble my build(featuring an Asrock z77 extreme4), i want to make sure what drivers i really do neeed for the mobo. Chipset, audio, lan, usb? but when i go to the asrocks z77 extreme4 website and check the downloads, there's a crapload of stuff to download, and I have no frickin' clue on which ones to download :(
can anyone list the ones i really need and the ones i should download?

Thanks in advance !
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  1. i would suggest using the CD/DVD that came with the motherboard. then after successfully getting your system up and running, go check out the site and see if you need to update any drivers.
  2. generally you know which ones you need after installing the os and going to the device manager. you can use that as a reference to choose which ones to download from the site
  3. well i ended up installing the ones which were on the cd which came with the mobo. working good so far, just built her up and she seems to be working very well atm. my first build <3
  4. Hey i've been having trouble getting these drivers to install properly, i'm using the disk but it just ends up locking up on things like the lan driver and the USB 3.0 installs and thus I havn't been able to get a working ethernet port. What could be causing this?
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