New Ram Causing Monitor Problems.

I have recently purchased 8gb of ram to replace the 4gb I have in my pc at the moment. I followed all instructions I could find, and I'm certain that the ram is compatible with my motherboard. However when I installed it, my computer boots ( lights on, fans working, ect ) however the monitor says that there is no signal. I have tried each stick individually in every port possible, and still no change. I have also tried removing the cmos battery due to suggestions on forums, and again, still no luck. I also read on other posts that most people have installed their ram from before, and have the same problem. However when I installed my old ram, my computer worked the same as before. If there is anymore information needed please let me know. Thanks in advance.
- James
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  1. Which memory are you trying to use and what motherboard do you have?
  2. Did you run memtest?
  3. Is it possible to run the memtest on the bad ram if I have no monitor?
  4. Thank you for the help, I am returning it asap and have ordered the new ram. Thank you very much :-)
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