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im planing to update my current build. the parts im buying are as followed: i5 2500k, asus ROG motherboard,4gb 1600 ram. i want to OC this cpu to 4.5-4.7ghz. i need a CPU cooler that will handel this and make my cpu LAST. not wanting to spend a whole lot of money also. so im looking for the best bang for your buck cpu cooler all suggestions will be greatly thanked!
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  1. What is your budget?

    Best bang for your buck would have to be the Hyper 212+.It's fairly cheap and provides really good temps.Their are lots of people who use the 2500k and the Hyper212+ and O.C. to 4.5ghz and above.Remember it all depends on what type of chip you get for how far you can "safely" O.C.

    Hyper 212+ Evo

    But if you do have more money then I would suggest going with something from Noctua.

    Here's a list that might help you.
  2. If you plan on going past 4.5ghz, water cooling wouldn't be a bad idea, depending on your budget of course.
  3. Depending on what case you have, it may also be a good idea if you install some more fans/add more ventilation.

    Tidying your cables up will also improve airflow, which translates to better cooling.
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