Help on Asus IPILP-LC board!?

I upgraded the RAM and reseated the processor on an Asus IPILP-LC Lancaster 8 board in a Compaq SR5233wm desktop. When I put it back together, it now has no video signal. It wont work with the original RAM either, so its not that. Somewhere I read something about resetting the battery or bios, and something else about the CMOS. How can I load a new bios or sata driver, etc without an OS, or being able to see anything on the monitor? :pfff: Its driving me craaazy! Someone please help me. :(
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  1. Are you sure the DDR2 memory modules are being fully seated into the DIMM sockets on the motherboard?
  2. Yes, The RAM is seated correctly and it is the right RAM. There is no OS on the hard drive and no beeps or bios coming up. IPILP-LC Lancaster 8 is the proper name for the board, I think.
  3. No beep means that the motherboard was unable to pass POST (Power On Self Test).

    Even without any memory modules installed there should be a beep code that indicates that no memory is installed.
  4. HAAAAAAAA! I moved around the jumper on the SATA 4 pins and booyow! I dont know why that is, but Im glad it did. Thanks ko888 for replying. That got me to lookin around anyway. If anyone knows why that jumper is there, I'd be interested in finding out.
  5. I did also take the board battery out and put it back in for anyone reading this post in the future.
  6. Quick question to whoever is watching this thread, I have this motherboard and am currently running a Intel E2140 1.6Ghz and was wondering if this board will support the Intel Pentium 4 D 820 2.8 Ghz. I know the specs says it supports up to 960 but just wanted to make sure it also supports the 8xx line of processors.
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