New Graphics card for an Acer M3910

Hello,Im looking for a short term graphics card as in not spending alot of money right now, but my current one is not good.
Will be looking to upgrade in the future, i just dont have the cash or time to buy and install a new PSU atm...

At present i have 300W psu and a Intel GMA HD graphics card. so im basically looking for a pci-e/x16 card with not too many requirements... Oh and DDR3 if thats neccessary! Thankyou in advance :)
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  1. Well first off, not sure if that's possible :P. 300W PSU is pretty weak.

    Does your PSU have any 4 or 6 pin power plugs for Graphics cards? If not you will be limited to what graphics card you can get, and in that light, probably won't be able to get a very powerful GPU.

    What is your budget? What settings would you like to play at? Low, Medium, High? What resolutions? What gameS?

    Edit: Something like a Radeon 5670 would fit your bill, its cheap, doesn't require extra power (it draws enough power off the PCIe slot). Just remember this isn't a powerful video card, yet it will be superior to your Integrated graphics card.
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