Need help to choose a new gpu

Guys i want to purchase a graphic card. I know a better PSU is required to run a good card but right now i am not in mood to buy a new PSU. Now, please help me to choose the best option of single gpu (for NVIDA and ATI both) to see my system configuration. not interested in overclocking.

1. Corei5 2400
2. MSI H67-E45 soon replace to MSI P67-C43 (company is replacing due to B2 verion issue)
3. Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ (4BG and 2 Sticks)
5. a DVD rom & a DVD wirter
6. Gigabyte isolo casing with a single rear fan only
7. Cooler master extreme power plus PSU 500watt (12v pci power connector 18amps)

As i did alot of gaming on xbox360 and now sold due to work load, so i always play games with stunning graphics and my display is full HD too. But i have a little time for gaming. keep in mind i am not going to change my PSU.
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    Ok, your PSU has 2 12 V rails of 18 Amps each one.

    Is not the best PSU available out there, but it can handle a 6850 easily.

    The performance of a 6850 will double a Xbox360
  2. Your PSU is inefficient, but apparently capable of outputting 500W, so it should be enough:
  3. What is your budget for the new GPU?

    What resoultion is your monitor?

    If you don't do a whole lot of gaming i'm sure you can easily keep your PSU and settle for a lesser card that can fit you PSU limitations.
  4. What's your budget?

    That PSU will handle anything below the 400USD mark.

    And for handling 1080p, a 5850, 6870, GTX460 1GB or a GTX560ti is plenty and will smoke the 360 in graphics quality.

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