Mounting Motherboard without brass standoffs?

I got a rosewill Destroyer case yesterday and noticed it only came with 2 brass standoffs. I looked at the manual and it said that for an ATX style mobo that standoffs were not needed, just hold it down it with the accompanied screws and it'll be fine. I'm kinda wary about that approach though since my coolermaster HAF 922 came with plenty of standoffs. So has anybody own/use the rosewill Destroyer and mounted without using brass standoffs?
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  1. I haven't use standoffs in years. I use rubber grommets for shock dampening (personal preference). It use to be that you had to use standoffs because the boards would sit flat on the tower tray. Now they come with raised mounting holes so no need for screw in standoffs anymore.
  2. The motherboard itself should come with a whole bag of standoffs, at least my Gigabyte came with enough to last me 3 cases.
  3. ohhhhhhhh.....i was looking at the case and i was like "why are those mounting holes raised" i figured it was just the cases design....thanks, appreciate it.
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