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What is needed to get the full mhz out of your memory? I have a motherboard that supports up to 2200mhz of memory speed but I'm hearing word that my CPU (Core i5 2500k) can only support 1333mhz. Right now I have 8 gigs of 1333mhz but wanted to upgrade to 16 gigs of 1600mhz ram (I edit HD video in Premiere and was told ram really helps with that). Is this not a good idea?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Anything higher then 1600mhz at the moment is not worth the price difference for the little performance increase, and yes you'd probably benefit from upgrading to 16gb, but don't fall for the 1800mhz+ "high performance RAM" offers.
  2. Thanks! I talked to an Intel rep and she informed me that I should be using 1333 MHz and nothing higher.
  3. It works but per DDR3 specs it's not an official frequency, so anything higher is considered an overclock and not supported by Intel.
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