Rosewill Challenger w/ 3 case fans and HIS 6950


I bought this card earlier in the week and it's scheduled to arrive friday:

HIS H695FN2G2M Radeon HD 6950 2GB

This'll be the first card for my month-old PC build. The one concern I have is would I run into temp and ventilation problems putting this card in my Challenger with just the 3 stock fans.

I plan on installing more case fans and an after-market heatsink for my CPU, but that will be sometime in the future.
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  1. I'd be more worried about the 6950's length :P

    That case is not eATX, so the amount of space left will be VERY small (the back of the card) towards the disk internal bays.

    Try to manage the cables in first instance. That's from experience. It won't matter the amount of vents you put in it if there's no room for the air to flow.

    Now, I don't know by looking at the picture of the card if it will blow all the hot air out or not; it appears that it won't, so I double recommend doing the cable checking for a nice airflow.

  2. I have the challenger case too, the stock fans are good they ventilate just fine. Putting in an extra case fan isn't going to make a huge difference but the more fans the better, so if you've got an extra $6 go get another 120mm and stick it on the side panel, it can only help.

    Edit: Also ditto what Yuka said
  3. I read a newegg review that a person was able to put an 11'' card in the case with room to spare. The card I'm getting is about 10'', so I shouldn't have any problems with fitting it inside the case.

    My cable management is ok, not great. Since my PSU is not modular, I have a few unused wires sitting at the bottom the case.
  4. Then you're fine at first glance. Add to that luigi's post, so wait and see how it goes before getting extra vents. You might not need any if there's good airflow and it already has good ones.

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