Problem after CRASH

Hello people.

Today I started playing Modern Warfare 2 for a bit on my pc.
It worked fine, but after 3 minutes the game crashed, it stood still with weird colors and vertically stripes in my screen.
So I reset my pc , but the colors are still there.
It also can't find my videocard .. I checked on DXDIAG but the only thing that showed up was 1600x1200 32 bit 1hz.
Normally I had 1920x1080 64bit (64bit windows 7 ULTIMATE) with 60hz.

I don't think my videocard can be broke right?

I have to say I played black ops yesterday after 3 months not playing and it crashed 3 times after 5 minutes.
Had to reboot my pc and the pc did his work.
Games like League of Legends worked fine. no problems at all.
I don't understand where this is coming from.

It is a 9800GTX+ ddr3 twinturbo 512 from NVIDIA. Could it be crashed?
This ain't much information but I will be posting more information if someone can help me.
Ask me anything that I have to show up for you guys.

ATleast , hoping that this problem can be solved , or just might need to buy a new graphic card.
My pc worked great for 2,5 years now. It was a new pc. I can put my specs up , but don't know if thats really important.

fingers crossed , hope that i can be helped , would be appreciated really.
Thanks in advance , Niels from Holland.
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  1. Specs are good and will be need for more detail troubleshooting, but based on your description it does seem to point towards a GPU failure. Is the card really dusty inside? Do you have a card you could borrow from someone to swap out?
  2. I have to agree - your description fits that of a failed/failing GPU to the letter.

    Considering the fact that LoL ran fine but MW2 and Black Ops crashed, the problem could be heat-related. LoL isn't nearly as graphics intensive as either of the other two games, so it's reasonable to expect the card to run cooler due to reduced load when running LoL in comparison to the CoD titles.

    I'd purchase a can of compressed air, remove the card, blow off the cooling fins until completely dust-free, reinstall it, and try again. And since you'll have the PC open and a can of compressed air in your hand, you may as well make sure other components get a decent cleaning, like the CPU HS/Fan, PSU, intake & exhaust fans and ports, etc. Also, leave the case open to make sure all the fans (especially any on the video card itself) are working.

    Lastly, any chance you live somewhere really hot? In the past, I have seen increases in temperature during summer heat waves cause a few cards to overheat and fail, including my own 8800GT about 2 years ago.
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