Intel hd graphics 3000 using both hdmi and dvi possible?


I use Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge CPU with Biostar TZ68A+ mobo with no video card. Initially I successfully connected the mobo with my LCD monitor via the mobo's VGA output and with my LG tv via the mobo's HDMI output. My LCD monitor is 1650x1050 and LG TV is 1920x1080, so I used "extended monitor" or "independent monitor" of the hd graphics 3000 (not sure of exact name of the mode) without any trouble.

When I connect my LCD monitor as a primary monitor not via VGA, but via DVI connector (besides LG tv connected via HDMI) and start the Windows 7, I see the initial Biostar logo "Tseries" and then just blank screen. So I do not see the windows desktop at all. If I disconnect HDMI, restart, connect HDMI LG TV again, adjust the settings to "extended monitor" again, I can reach both monitor and TV again properly - until the next restart, when I get blanl screens again.

So my question, are there specific problems with using both DVI and HDMI outputs from the integrated hd graphics 3000 as compared to HDMI (or DVI) AND VGA? Can the problem be resolved?

Thank you much!!
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  1. I am having the EXACT same annoyance Buratino... Can't find a solution anywhere! I guess it's not mobo-dependent because I have an ASUS Z68 and I'm getting the same blank screen on my monitor (until I power down, disconnect HDMI and reboot again). Other factors are the same (no dedicated GPU, i7-2600K CPU...).

    I would like to use my desktop (now banished to the basement with my big screen due to baby #2 taking over the upstairs office) as a Media Centre (yes, I'm Canadian, that's the way we spell "center") as well, and leaving the HDMI connected (without this annoyance) is key to that...

    As is automatically sending video/audio to the HDMI when appropriate (but that's a whole other topic :)
  2. Hi rondinelle,

    thank you for sharing your experience! Looks like there is no good solution. And I am not really... disturbed by the Canadian "colour" of your spelling, pretty much because English spelling in any case is far too far from what I hear (and try to understand) :^)

    So here's related question: if I buy cheap card either with HDMI only, or DVI only, or even both, if not so cheap... will I be able to use DVI from the extra card and HDMI fromo mobo or vice versa? or two DVIs from the card and mobo?
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