Computer reboot while watching hd movie

hiii...whenever i watch high defination movies through my 2tb external computer always shut down...first i thot it coz of i format my computer but still i am gettin this always happen when i watch hd movies(and not with dvdrip movies)...and usually whenever i on my pc...its say ur bios is not updated...and press f1 to resume...i checked my core temp also its around 40-55 while watching hd it coz of overheating or its ram problem or motherboard problem.

window xp sp2 32bit
p5gc-mx/gbl asus motherboard
core2duo e7500
3gb ddr2 667 mhz(2gb of symtronnics and 1gb of kingston
seagate harddisk:750gb
23"inch samsung lcd tv monitor
sapphire 5670 1 gb ddr5 graphic card
400 watts power supply
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  1. your gfx is good enough to handle hd. so i would be looking elsewhere...
    check the control panel/admintools/event viewer for errors that show up just after the last unexpected off. if its error 41 or error 124 then is most likley a psu issue
    check your temps... they will probably be fine as hd video isnt that demanding on the cpu or gpu. so i would then look at memory stability. run either memtest or superpi 32m... if it crashes on the first couple off iteration then you have a memory problem... if it goes past say 8 itterations you can be sure your mem is pretty stable. so now check the the psu (test it in another setup and) see if it causes an instant off.
  2. Hi..i went to event viewer and its showing this...

    name type desceiption size
    ACEEventlog log custom log error records 192,0kb
    Application log application error records 320,0kb
    Internet explorer log custom log error records --
    security log security audit records 64,0kb
    system log system error records 128,0kb
  3. yep thems the error logs. open them to see what app has crashed.

    you only need the 1s that relate to the time of the shutdown.
  4. What is the maker and model of the PSU and how old is it?

    The 3 thing that come to my mind are
    1) PSU is not up to the task
    2) Widely mixed RAM setup
    3) Wrong graphics card drivers
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