Gtx 260 Very low 3dMark score

Hi , I seem to be having a problem with my gtx 260 and 3dmark. My score was 9154 3dmark which says it is very low.

My specs are as following

cpu: AMD Phenom II Quad 965 BE 3.4ghz
gpu: Gtx 260 core 216 896mb

ram : 2048 MB G.Skill 7 @ 400 MHz (had 4 gigs but 1 memory slot went bad /replacing)
motherboard : Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA74GM-S2
psu: Rosewill RP550-2 550W ATX12V v2.01 Power Supply

It says my average 3dMark score should be 14600

Overall Score: 9154 Target Scores: 14600
SM2 Score: 3563 Target Score :5800
SM3 Score: 3488 Target Score :6500
CPU Score: 4688 Target Score:4600

So whats stopping me from getting these scores?
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  1. I would say either some sort of malware/virus sucking up resources or the PSU isn't providing enough juice at peak loads, but is stable enough for the machine not to crash. Meaning the hardware is down clocking itself.

    One RAM slot going back could be indicative of flaky power.
  2. So you think I should try clean installing windows , if its not that end up getting a new psu?
  3. What did you come up with your target score and which 3dmark are you using? (06, vantage of 11?)
  4. I am using 3dmark 06 , and when I clicked results , It showed me the target score for similar computers were 14600. I even tried overclocking my gpu which only increased the 3dmark score by a mere 16
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    I have found that the results you see from 3dmark's assessment of your computer's performance is extremely optimistic and often inaccurate.

    Here are a few reasons it will show your score lower than it thinks it should score:
    1) Most of the scores people get won't go into their database because it will not accept a score from the most recent couple drivers for your card. This means about the only people you are compared with are those who are trying to get extremely high scores through overclocking. Otherwise they wouldn't normally sabotage performance by using old drivers.
    2) I have noticed that when they compare SLI and crossfire results (perhaps all results), they compare it to tri and quad fire setups. I recently tested my system with 3dmark11, and found that my system was rated as "average" when it had some extreme overclocking. When I compared to systems near my score, they were all tri-fire systems, and I have a normal crossfire system. When I used what I'd still consider a big overclock, but much less extreme, it told me my scores were low compared to the average system similar to mine.

    I'd ignore what they say, it's most likely a bad comparison and compared to those with extreme overclocking, which in their databases is the average.
  6. ya I figured that but I was comparing the scores to this thread on toms hardware

    and my numbers seem to be way off with the components I have compared to other members
  7. Do you have GPU accelerated PhysX turned on? For Nvidia cards, that can make a 2k difference or more in score.

    Note: it's best to have it off if you are comparing to ATI cards, but if another Nvidia user has his physx on, you'll lose out on a lot of points.
  8. Yes it is off
  9. Ahhmmogh said:
    Yes it is off

    Was the scores you are comparing to, off? If you turned it on, it'll score much higher.
  10. yes it was off when I scored it each time
  11. Ahhmmogh said:
    yes it was off when I scored it each time

    I don't think you are hearing me. Turn it on. You'll have a much higher score with it on.
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