Full tower or Mid tower for 3 GPU set up??

I'm in the process of building a PC (waiting on parts) and I ordered the Corsair Obsidian (mid tower) but I'm thinking its too small. I have a 3 6950 GPU build and am wondering if this case is too small, what do you guys think?
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  1. It has 8 expansion slots and it can hold graphics cards up to 33/46cm long, so I don't see why they wouldn't fit.
  2. I know they will fit but is it better to put them into a full case for cooling issues or will the Mid tower be sufficient cooling?
  3. so do you think they would be fine in a Mid tower??
  4. Quote:
    The case you have is nice and I expect it to do fine.

    You can think about adding the sharkfin blade white case fans from zalman to the case, they make a nice match :D

    Pretty sweet fan I may pick one up, Ty.
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