Connecting two desktops to one internet connection

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to share a connection through cricket wireless broadband to two desktops.

I've tried about everything to get a connect to my second desktop. I've asked Walmart associates and they sold me the wrong router. I've asked Bestbuy Geek Squad and they trying to sell me a 100 dollar plus router. I've done the Internet searches on how to connect two PC to share a signal but can not figure it out.
I tried adding hoc, internet sharing option, and changing properties. I have a Trendnet product that came with the PC I think it's used to help get a signal because I can pick up someone elses signal or modem. I've been working at this for three days and I don't want to call it quits yet because I know it can be done. I must just be doing something wrong or missing something.
Can anyone give me some advise I would really appreciate it. The host computer is running Windows XP and is an older model so it doesn't have a ITP protical version 4 or 6 it just has a regular one will that work as well when setting up ICS. The other desktop run Windows Vista and I'm using a cricket Broadband that plug directly to a USB port.
I've tried asking help from stores where to associates should know but it seems they just trying to sell me stuff.
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  1. You need to enable ICS, which is:

    And this is how to do it:

    Oh, and its adhoc, not adding hoc :)
  2. The thing they don't seem to mention at MS is that you should disable the firewalls on both machines while setting up. Once it's running re-enable and the firewalls will accept the new connection.
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